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Automates mouse click actions
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Creates scripts that generate automatic mouse clicks. Select the position of the cursor, the number of clicks or their frequency, the mouse button that you want to be pressed and have the actions performed without you even touching the mouse.

Everyone knows the frustration in some programs when a simple action is buried in multiple menus, and there is no shortcut to directly access it. Fortunately, there exist tools that can automate mouse clicks when you press a certain combination of keyboard keys. One of such tools is Auto Mouse Clicker.

Although its interface looks complicated at first, the blue R-shaped button will cover most of your basic needs. It allows you to record your mouse clicks, and then bind them to a combination of keys. Once you press this combination, this utility will perform the same clicks in the same order, sparing you the frustration of doing the same clicks repetitively.

While click recording is practical to get you started, you will quickly find it limited. One of its shortcomings is that it records the absolute coordinates of your mouse clicks. If the window on which you want to do the clicks is placed elsewhere than when you recorded the macro, then the clicks won't be made in the right locations. To fix this issue, you can edit the clicks that you performed in the list and change the coordinate mode from "fixed" to "relative to the last coordinates".

To sum it all up, although Auto Mouse Clicker has a rather complicated interface, recording a series of clicks and binding it to a hotkey is quite easy. If you find yourself doing a lot of repetitive clicks, then you might want to try this tool. Indeed, it's not expensive and it could save you a lot of time.

John Static
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  • Affordable
  • Clicks can be fine-tuned
  • Ability to record a macro
  • Assign a shortcut to a series of mouse clicks


  • Puzzling interface at first
  • Absolute clicking by default
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